amanda phoenix

Amanda Phoenix

Amanda has been apprenticing with birth, birth keepers, and plant witches for over 10 years, and received a certificate in Quantum Midwifery from the Matrona in 2013. Amanda is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and is currently training with Myrna Martin to become a Prenatal, Birth and Attachment Therapy Practitioner. She works as a birth keeper, offering full spectrum self-directed reproductive support, and has been facilitating and hosting learning spaces on these topics for the past 3 years. Amanda was born to an Irish/Acadian family on Mi'kmaq territory in southern New Brunswick, Canada, and lives on Sinixt territory in the West Kooteneys, British Columbia. Queer, confused and loves to dance.

elsa asher

Elsa Asher

Elsa is a full-spectrum doula and somatic practitioner with a specialty in healing early developmental trauma. Elsa is a storytelling artist, ritual facilitator and Narrative Medicine educator. Elsa holds a MS degree from Columbia University, is an ordained Kohenet [Hebrew Priest/ess], is a Certified Birth Doula [DONA International], completed the Prenatal, Birth and Attachment Therapy Practitioner 700 Hour Training at Kutenai Institute, and is currently in the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training at Colorado School of Energy Studies. Elsa was born on Duwamish land in the Pacific Northwest, and currently lives on Ohlone land in the San Francisco Bay Area, and identifies as queer and non-binary.

kori doty

Kori Doty

Kori is a community educator based in rural BC in Sinixt Territory. They have been working in realms of sexual health, harm reduction and community building for much of the past decade. They have extensive experience organizing and facilitating within queer and trans communities that they are a part of. After a multi year journey of quitting testosterone, trying to conceive, miscarriage, grief and healing they became pregnant and gave birth to baby Searyl in 2016.  They are a queer poly parent in supportive community. Their parenting praxis involves room for gender self determination and using the same gender neutral they/them pronouns for their infant as they use for them self.