We're Back!


It's Fall in the North and we've been settling into what's real for each of us in this settling season. The leaves are falling, temperatures dropping and we are dropping into what we have to offer you as the days get shorter. The sequence series we offered last season offered us a beautiful opportunity to get to know some of you more. We will not be re-offering these sequence session themed workshops again this season, but they are informing our steps forward to our Childbirth Education series. We felt that the further we made our way towards ACTION, an aspect of the sequence had WAY more juiciness than we could get into; that there was a noticeable lack of full Childbirth Education, Birth Preparation sort of classes available for a growing number of trans and queer folks who were getting pregnant. As we're systems and permaculturally leaning folks, we noticed the abundance and the gaps in our offerings, how we come together and how our work with Birthing Beyond the Binary fits into our larger lives at this moment.

Which of course brings us to the announcement of our Fall offering, which is a full package offering for folks who are currently in or around the second trimester of a current pregnancy (eager early trimester folks always welcome). We will have the opportunity to explore and prepare for birth, with room for all it will be. We want to continue to bridge the gap between the worlds of holistic birth support and queers and trans folks making family and are really excited to get to know families that are growing new members this fall. The offering includes 6 recorded lesson sessions that feature teachings from Amanda and Kori (and of course the transmissions we carry from our teachers), 5 meetings over zoom, a private consultation for you or your family, and a post-birth reunion meet-up over zoom.

There is now a bunch of rad art available for sale here on our website too- buy some to help support our scholarship funds. These sales, as well as tuition top-ups, allow us to keep our education accessible for folks who need it and can't pay full price.

And as is the case for the work as Birthing Beyond the Binary, so are we all individually shifting our priorities and approaches into this coming season. Amanda has been settling in at the cabin with her family, which has grown to include ducks, chickens and bees and a learning path in Biodynamic CranialSacral therapy. Kori has been on their toes, both keeping up with a very mobile toddler and also writing, doing media events and speaking at universities, conferences, and retreats. Elsa had a deep and full summer and is focusing their work this fall closer to home at the clinic and with private services as a doula in the bay area.

You'll also notice that we're partnered with Gender Illumination and are looking forward to growing together in this movement.  We want to thank everyone who has been a part of birthing this little project along with us, whether you have participated in one of our sessions, hired us for private services, or even just followed and shared our development online- we couldn't have come this far without you.


Thank you and stay tuned- there's always more to come!