Private Sessions

Centering Queer & Trans* Experience throughout Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting; and in Reproductive Health & Perinatal Professional Practice

We offer private sessions, based in our workshop curricula and personalized to your needs. This is a great option for you if you missed a past workshop and we aren't offering it again soon; or you would like more time, attention and support for your journey.

Our work is based in the perspectives of self-directed midwifery models of care, prenatal, birth and attachment therapy, trauma prevention and resolution, applied attachment theory, and autonomic nervous system physiology. 

Private session topics include

  • Intention: Conception

  • Preparation: Pregnancy

  • Action: Birth

  • Follow Through: Immediate Postpartum

  • Integration: Feeding & Parenting

  • Navigating Baby Making in Poly Relationships

  • Gender Neutral Parenting

  • Pregnancy Loss

  • Newborn Loss

  • Abortion

All private sessions include

  • live video-based interactive learning and discussion {via Zoom}

  • handouts & resource list

  • invitation to private BBB Facebook group


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