Childbirth Education Series

::Session 5::

Building Birth as a Ceremony :: Hospital/Home/Birth Centre Dynamics

Thanks again for joining us! 

Please note that Kori and Amanda as well as BBB co-facilitator, Elsa Asher are all available for in person and distance counselling and birth consulting. 

Sharing the principles here again:


Other queer portals of altered state magic, ceremony, ritual . . .

Bespoken Bones - we've shared this once before, but sharing it again. Each podcast feels like a piece of queer, sexual, embodied ritual in and of itself.

Living Love Revolution and Temple by Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, MSW

The Temple of the Waters: A modern monastery based in California. These folks have shared story, ritual tools and spiritual community online, including through the sickness and passing of Rebecca Tidewalker a leader in this and Reclaiming Magic tradition. 

Let My People Sing

Singing Alive -although challenging in lots of its politics, there is a growing queer/trans presence within these gatherings

Queer Mikveh Project: documentary trailer and fundraiser

Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Oracle Deck

Flax and Gold Astrology

Queer Astrology


Fool's Journey: 8 Queer Tarot Decks

Rain Crowe: Regenerative Culture Midwife

Morrigan Lilith Grace: Spiritual Consultant for the Unconventional

Nomy Lamm artists, activist, ritualist

Art By Kiala Loytomaki

Art By Shoog McDaniel! especially Into the Depths . . . and all of it!

Invitation for Reflection and Sharing 

As part of Session 5, we invite you to reflect on the following questions:

  • What does YOUR birth art look like  . . . start to explore into the land of the visual/interpretive/symbolic and see what ideas/images/items call you in. 
  • Consider giving attention to a special place in your home (an alter, a shelf, a room, a bassinet . . .) that can hold these images/words/items/INTENTIONS . . . what are you summoning? . . . Maybe make a place for your queer ancestars, your ancestors of blood, and of those who are still among the living but from whom you draw strength and inspiration. Invoke. Make a space for the elements. Make a space for the mystery and gifts of your baby to come. For those of you who are gestating, images and symbols will be your vocabulary. Make this space be your treasury.

As always please feel free to send us your questions via email or facebook, we'll get back to you typically within a few days.




group call dates

We are currently not offering group calls as a way to make this series more affordable and meet your personal timeline needs.

If you are wanting to further explore any topics, please reach out to either of us and we can arrange a time for a private session.

see you soon!