Childbirth Education Series

Session 4:

When does Labour Start?! :: The Cervix :: A+P of 'Pushing'

Advocacy and Navigating Other People in Labour

Thanks again for joining us! 

Please note that Kori and Amanda as well as BBB co-facilitator, Elsa Asher are all available for in person and distance counselling and birth consulting. 

Here are a couple links to resources and organizations we mentioned during the talk:

:: everything is written predominately using cis/het language, however are high quality in their approach to supporting physiologic and self-directed, informed birth choices ::


(sharing again) Sarah Buckley: Ecstatic Birth: The Hormonal Blueprint of Labor

Michel Odent: Fetus Ejection Reflex and the Art of Midwifery

Constance Beynon: The Normal Second Stage in Labour, A Plea for Reform in its Conduct

Rachel Read: Midwife Thinking (this blog has lots of great articles in addition to this one we've shared): Understanding and Assessing Labour Progress and The Effective Labour Contraction

Gloria Lemay Birth Blog (heavy on the 'woman' but also full of rad/holistic birth+pregnancy information) Pushing for Primips

Evidence Based Birth (blog making the scientific studies easier to read): Effects of Epidurals on the Second Stage of Labour

Contraction Timing App (Kori said they just picked the first one that popped up in the google search)

We've curated a list of videos not to set a standard of what birth 'should' look like, but videos that we think best depict variations on what physiological birth looks and sounds. It is meant as an offering to create/support an expanded narrative of what birth can feel like  . . .  please proceed with clarity and caution before watching these videos or any other 'up next' options . . . the worm hole of birth videos is VAST, and as we've talked about, while in the veils of altered state baby growing, parent becoming, and birthy-ness, one's sensitivity and suggestibility related to visual material can be quite high and watching videos of others' process may not be a supportive way to prepare for your own personal process. Taking brief and frequent pauses before, during and after watching these sorts of videos may be a way to practice feeling resourced and checking in with your boundaries. 

Invitation for Reflection and Sharing 

As part of Session 4, we invite you to reflect on the following questions

(its a short one this week):

  • After watching the recording, what questions/desires (specific to your situation or in general) do you have relating to how labour and birth unfolds? If it feels available, we also encourage you to bring these questions to your careprovider and/or doula. 
  • Post at least 1 resource on the Birthing Beyond the Binary FB page that you have found helpful in understanding the conception gestation and/or birth process. Of course, feel free to post as many as you feel inspired to share, and if you don't use facebook, email it to us to post for you . . . we'll add everything to the community resource document. 

As always please feel free to send us your questions via email or facebook, we'll get back to you typically within a few days.

see you soon!