Magic and Medicinals for Reproductive Health

with Amanda

There are many pathways to health, and however we choose or are able to travel them, plants are always underfoot, even if only their seeds, lying dormant in waiting for the cement to crack, and the elementals to pour in.

My work and relationship with plant medicine is one of accountability, mutual support and magic, working primarily with plants which grow in the soils where I live.

Gathered and stirred by my queer birthy hands, and my teachers before me, potentizing the plants’ intention to nourish and tone your reproductive bits.

Each bundle an offering of support, an ally, as you find your way along your path, in health.

As part of my responsibility as a settler to my elders, the elders of this land, and the land itself, I offer both the medicines and a portion of the profits to local indigenous sovereignty efforts, water and land defense funds, as well as to various local non-profit organizations offering support to low-income families. To learn more about the sinixt people and the territory that I am a settler living upon:

My Teachers

Savayda Jarone
United Plant Savers and the Goldenseal Sanctuary
Dianne Luchtan, (250) 229 4715