Childbirth Education Series

Welcome Back for

Session 2:

Choosing Care-providers :: Layers of Support

Family Structures :: Navigating Gestation as Trans*/Queer

Thanks again for joining us! 

Please note that Kori and Amanda as well as BBB co-facilitator, Elsa Asher are all available for in person and distance counselling and birth consulting. 

Here are a couple links to resources and organizations we mentioned during the talk:

Doulas + Midwives

  • Doula Training International
  • La Matrona
  • Ancient Song 
  • Indie Birth
  • DONA

Additional resources:


Invitation for Reflection and Sharing 

As part of Session 2, we invite you to reflect on the following questions:

  • Take a moment and reconnect with your intention from last session. How have you noticed the practice of remembering your intentions show up in your life?


  • Download the Layers of Support worksheet (see Follow Up section above), or simply map out what your web of layered support looks and feels like. Maybe there are some support people on there you would like to share this exercise with?


  • What do you find resourcing, life giving, nurturing, gender affirming . . . in your life. Do you feel as if you're able to access some or many of these things regularly in your life? If not, what might be some barriers? In looking at your Layers of Support Map, who(m) on there might be able to support you in accessing some of these things you named as life giving?


As always please feel free to send us your questions via email or facebook, we'll get back to you typically within a few days.




group call dates

We are currently not offering group calls as a way to make this series more affordable and meet your personal timeline needs.

If you are wanting to further explore any topics, please reach out to either of us and we can arrange a time for a private session.

see you soon!